TurboLocator 6.0


TurboLocator is a software application meant to support all Intel x86 compatible CPUs and microcontrollers. It is used as a replacement for Paradigm Locator,an industrial PC development by direct execution from a Flash Drive, without reloading the program to RAM and for x86 BIOS development.

TurboLocator supports Turbo Pascal, Borland C++, Turbo C++ and TASM (16-bit compilers). This software eliminates the use of extra BIOS, DOS or another OS on embedded x86 systems.

This software is also capable of relocating compiled EXE codes to arbitrary code and data locations and gives options for including a stuv C/C++/Pascal start up code that does not require any extra BIOS, DOS or OS.

Other features of TurboLocator include optional insertion of a x86 processor reset vector, correction of heap/malloc relocations, full floating point emulation support, task scheduler for TurboTASK, system library for common operations, a file system library for storing data or flat data permanently, bare command line locator exeloc.

exe, which is executable in 16-bit DOS and a Protected Mode code that can be set up using your own code. Overall, this program is capable of maximizing work efficiency with its powerful features.

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